Happy birthday TechTorch

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Facebook logoe-mailsFind us on LinkedIn, we want to be friends!

One year ago, while the world was evolving with COVID-19, the S&P 500 was peaking to the highest levels in history, and the latest James Bond movie was being released, Miguel and I sent a letter with a $70 check to the CA Secretary of State’s office to incorporate TechTorch. So, happy 1st birthday TechTorch! 

Everyone told us that starting a company was going to be a ride, and they were right!

  • December ‘21 – Initial team in place
  • February ’22 – MVP is out the door
  • March ’22 – First customers! 
  • July ’22  –     V1.0 Platform released
  • August ’22 – First Blueprints
  • October ’22 - TechTorch Services

What a year! Thank you for joining us in this journey. This would not have happened without you.

As we reflect on year one, we are ready as ever for what year two brings!

TechTorch Services Line

Our customers have been asking us to offer services to provide turnkey, end-to-end Solutions. Beyond discovering and testing tools, and accessing best-in-class blueprints, customers can now leverage TechTorch Services to bring Solution design to production environments in record time.

TechTorch Packaged Solutions

For those businesses that need amplified acceleration, we offer pre-packaged, pre-integrated and pre-configured solutions. We continue to add Packaged Solutions every month based on market trends. So far, our best sellers include:

  • Salesforce + Zuora: Integrate the Gartner leaders in CRM,CPQ, and Subscription Billings
  •  Salesforce + NetSuite: Most common CRM, CPQ, RevenueRecognition, and ERP for mid-sized companies
  •  Salesforce + Gainsight: Best-in-class customer successplatform integrated with your favorite CRM  
  • HR-in-a-box (Greenhouse / Workable + Rippling + Lattice +CultureAmp): Out-of-the box stack for mid-sized companies digitizing allaspects of Human Capital

Our mission is vibrant

Accelerating and democratizing digital change continues to drive everything we do. TechTorch helps businesses accelerate, de-risk, and increase ROI for their technology and digital changes. Our platform is the only single space to discover, test, blueprint, and manage your digital change.

Customers love us

We are thrilled with our customers and grateful to them! They love reducing engagement time from months to weeks, increasing ROI x10, and giving teams the ability to tearn and design Operational and Technical blueprints. Overall, they all agree that TechTorch ensures success and reduces their risk for every single technological change.

People first

We continue to grow our team with engineers, product managers, and operational experts. Our team consists of incredible professionals and human beings. Every day I learn from them. And that is not something I take for granted. 

As a proud 1-year old, vast opportunities lay on our horizon as we transition from ‘crawling’ to ‘walking’. TechTorch will continue help businesses tackle their digital and technical opportunities. Onwards we walk!



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