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Retail Price Optimization
Retail Price Optimization provides Omnichannel retailers with the capability to effectively adjust prices across their channels to maximize consumer willingness to pay, demand, stock level, etc.
Supply Chain
Sourcing and contract negotiation lay a foundation for a well-run supply chain. Without a solid foundation, the processes built atop are unable to fully serve an organization and its people.
Supply Chain
Procure to Pay
It is more critical than ever to have thoughtful visibility into spending, supplier categories, supplier performance, and much more. Coupled with visibility, comes team culture.
Supply Chain
Performance management
We said it once (definitely more), and we'll say it again! Your people are your priority. Performance Management goes beyond salaries & performance plans and encompasses the overall employee to support their growth and learning. This, in turn, increases productivity and loyalty.
Learning & Development
Learning and development have become one of the most important factors in remaining competitive, both in the market and talent pools. Companies must be able to recognize the latest changes and know how to adapt to them quickly. Traditional training classes are no longer enough to ensure the company is on the right track.
Employee Onboarding
Acquiring the right talent is only the first step to ensuring an engaged culture and productive people. TechTorch’s use case takes onboarding from an overlooked (boring!) obligation for organizations and new joiners to an engaging, career-inspiring journey for new joiners and an opportunity for organizations to develop an economically and culturally rewarding workforce.
Campaign to Opportunity
An E2E process that creates the best marketing campaigns, generates top-notch leads, and generates viable opportunities, What is the secret? Spoiler... It's really a combination of high-quality people + practical, automatic tools. TechTorch weave these together in our Campaign to Opportunity use case.
Sales and services
Customer Support
The Customer Support use case comprises all capabilities necessary for companies to optimally serve their customers through commercial and technical support.
Sales and services
Customer Success
The Customer Success use case ensures that the products and offers sold fulfill the intended value they were purchased for, leading to customer satisfaction and positive economics via expansion and renewals.
Sales and services
Quote to Cash
Take complex offers that include subscriptions and single payments from a sales opportunity to recognized invoiced revenue. This use case includes direct, indirect, and self-service sales motions.
Sales and services
Talent Acquisition
Finding and hiring the right talent is always a top priority of any modern business. TechTorch's Talent Acquisition use case provides a holistic approach to the recruiting process by amalgamating several capabilities necessary for a successful talent acquisition process and focusing on the candidate experience and engagement from sourcing to onboarding.
Inventory Dropship for Brands
Connect inventory with retailers and marketplaces to expand consumer reach and increase inventory productivity.
Supply Chain
Each Solution has enough information for businesses to quickly drive change
Businesses can modify use cases to adapt them to their specific needs
  • Outcomes and metrics
  • Customer journeys
  • Critical decisions
  • Business processes and information flows
  • Key stakeholders
  • System and data architecture
  • Commercial tools
"GTM for software and digital services is moving towards consultative sales; SFDC Ignite, NOW Inspire… TechTorch is the essential tool for this new motion"
Strategy Consulting
Senior Partner
"With TechTorch we reduced our selling cycles and increased win-rates thanks to the customer collaboration and demo creation environment"
Solutions Provider
"We use TechTorch to develop and adopt solutions for all our portfolio companies”
PE global firm
Managing Partner
"With TechTorch we are able to automate the creation and customization of demos and POCs. Just amazing!"
Software Provider
VP Sales
“I wanted something to show each customer what my solutions could do for them. TechTorch does it!”
Software Development
“In a matter of weeks, we have defined and shared the Lead-to-Opportunity use case across the whole organization. TechTorch platform is essential to bring teams together”
Transportation Company

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