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GCN Group and TechTorch Join Forces to Build the Largest Digital Global Sales Network

The strategic partnership enables vendors to reach a network of 100,000+ resellers efficiently.

Woodside, California (26th April 2023) – GCN Group, the largest B2B channel network of local IT distributors, and TechTorch, a leader in intelligent sales enablement, have announced a strategic partnership to build the largest digital tech sales network in the world.

The partnership GCN Group with TechTorch

The partnership will combine GCN Group’s expertise in managing and optimizing a global network of vendors, distributors and local resellers, with TechTorch‘s innovative approach to enable sales teams with the right information and tools to sell and deliver technology and professional services. The combined entity will enable technology vendors to reach a network of 100,000+ fully enabled resellers to deliver all types of technologies and projects.

GCN Group is a leading B2B channel network of local IT distributors with a presence in more than 50 countries worldwide. They specialize in managing and optimizing a global network of distributors, local resellers and vendors, offering value-added services and support to help their partners grow their businesses through KATY Platform. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, GCN Group aims to be a trusted partner for technology vendors looking to expand globally.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, TechTorch is a leading provider of intelligent sales enablement software for technology vendors. Their cutting-edge platform equips sales teams with the necessary tools and information to effectively sell and deliver technology and professional services, resulting in quicker and more efficient deal closures. TechTorch is dedicated to helping technology vendors boost sales productivity, enhance customer engagement and achieve more sales success.

“This is the era of resellers. Technology vendors’ ability to expand globally requires access to local distributors and resellers that understand the needs, culture and ways of working of their clients”, said Miquel Rey, CEO & Founder at GCN Group. “The partnership between TechTorch and GCN Group will allow vendors to digitally enable local resellers to better sell and deliver complex tech projects.”

“We are very excited about the partnership with GCN Group and the huge value it will bring to our customers”, said Jordi Moncada, CEO at TechTorch. “GCN Group gives our tech customers the ability to reach thousands of resellers; TechTorch sales enablement platform allows vendors to empower local sales teams to customize each tech sale to their customer needs.”

The partnership between GCN Group and TechTorch is expected to have a significant impact on the digital tech industry, enabling tech vendors to reach new customers and markets with greater ease and efficiency.

For more information about the partnership, please visit https://gcngroup.org or https://www.techtorch.io.

About TechTorch

TechTorch is a leader in providing a platform that offers intelligent sales and delivery cycles. We collaborate with global tech vendors, system integrators, consulting firms, and other related tech stakeholders to drive shorter cycle times, higher win rates, and faster adoption of tech products, services, and projects. By using TechTorch, vendors can enable sales teams with all the content, guides, and demos required to provide great experiences. Sales teams engage directly with their customers in a common workspace where customers can explore offers,try demos, and provide feedback. Every single interaction is captured, enabling teams to react and adapt quickly to client needs.

At TechTorch, we serve major global tech vendors, services companies, and private equity funds. For more information, please visit www.techtorch.io or follow us on LinkedIn.

About GCN Group

GCN Group leverages the insight, presence and local market knowledge of successful IT distributors around the world, with the mission to lead a digital transformation through the integration and collaboration of all members of the B2B channel. GCN Group offers a digital platform in the B2B market, connecting all channel members to create the largest B2B channel network. More than a marketplace, KATY Platform is an interactive ecosystem with high profitability business solutions for each member of the channel, offering digital marketing, business management, automatic services, support and training, and BI-based reports to connect to customers effectively and efficiently.


GCN Group is positioned to reach 100 countries and all corners of the globe, creating further relationships with key distributors and vendors under one platform. For more information, visit www.GCNGroup.org or follow GCN Group on LinkedIn.

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