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Enterprise Technology Services

We operationalize commercial excellence strategies with focus on Private Equity owned companies.


TechTorch Business

Accelerated Enterpise Technology Services

We are an Enterprise Technology services company, designing and implementing Commercial Excellence operational capabilities.

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We leverage accelerators and automations to drive better and more efficient outcome.

Commercial Excellence business needs

We operationalize core commercial excellence strategic priorities

Win the deal

Generate valuable leads that convert to winnable opportunities.

Avoid revenue leakage on leads and opportunities.

Drive productivity and win/loss performance across sales force.

Maximize the deal

Optimize and simplify offering portfolio across channels (web, direct, channel partners, etc.).

Maximize revenue on managing pricing and discounts.

Drive effective and satisfactory billing and invoicing processes.

Expand the deal

Expand revenue via up-sell, cross-sell. Re-pricing and renewall motions.

Reduce churn and improve customer experiences.

Build promotersdelighting your customers at every interaction.

Empower your data

Provide the data to the right teams at the right time.
Enable the manual and automated (Gen ai and ML) intelligence.
Convert all customer experiences into valuable insights.
Monetize your proprietary data.

TechTorch Services

Capabilities and associated we put in place

Win the deal

  • Marketing and advertising
  • Lead management
  • Opportunity management
  • Sales planning and compensation

  • Maximize the deal

  • Configure and quote
  • Price and discounts
  • Subscription and entitlement Mngmt.
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Contract to cash

  • Expand the deal

  • Professional services automation
  • Customer Success
  • Support and engagement
  • Monetization
  • Renewals

  • Empower your data

  • Data architecture
  • Master data (customers, product and pricing catalog, entitlements and contracts)
  • Ingestion and transformation
  • Data structure, vectorization and contextualization to enable powerful AI
  • Telemetry and customer health
  • Management and operational reporting

  • The customer excellence architecture

    Combination of processes, tools and data that needs to align

  • Marketing Mgmt
  • Opportunity Mgmt
  • Sales Planning

  • Explore

  • Confugre, price & quote
  • Contract/License Mgmt

  • Decide / Transact

  • Licensing & Activation
  • Billing & Payments

  • Engage

  • Professional Services
  • Customer Success

  • Renew/Expand

  • Renewals
  • Customer Services & Support

  • and enabled via a clean set of tools and databases (illustrative)


  • Web
  • Partner portal
  • Marketing
  • CRM
  • CPQ

  • CLM
  • Billing
  • Payment
  • Revenue Recognition
  • ERP

  • PSA
  • Customer Success
  • Renewals
  • Support

  • Data

  • Accounts and contacts
  • Product catalog
  • Pricing

  • Entitlements
  • Rev Rec lines

  • Our "secret sauce"

    How we differentiate in the crowded ET services space
    Business first
    • Strategy consulting mindset  Leadership and management from strategy
    • White glove implementation 
      We execute and leverage top world partners
    Tech assessment, design & implementation
    • Learn and codify – Repeatable pattern across implementation projects
    • Automate, automate, automate – Apply generative AI, ML, and other accelerators
    Our architectures are ready-to-go
    • 80% designs – Use playbooks and configurations that take you “80% there”
    • Sandboxes to test – We use tools (e.g. Salesforce) sandboxes for clients to learn, configure and improve
    Safe, private and IT tailored AI environment
    • Ring-fenced generative AI space (per account)

    • Auto-generate templates (workplans, summaries, tool evaluations, etc.)

    • Build documents (BRDs, agile business cases, training materials, SOWs, etc.)

    • Co-pilot tool configurations and scripting

    • Train and support users

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