Increase revenue with customizable sales experiences

More "business wins" with tailored solutions

More "technical wins" with configurable demos

Shorter cycles with ongoing customer collaboration and insights

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Improve cycle times and win rates

Companies using TechTorch consistently achieve win rates above 50% in new business and 80–90% in renewal business
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Create a process
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Cool dashboards
Build Solutions that fit customer requirements


Create agile proof-of-concepts and custom configurations


Visualize, orchestrate, and get insights


Select from library and configure to your needs
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Select commercial software that solve your needs
Relaxing enjoying his digital transformation
Access production dashboards to monitor your business outcomes
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"GTM for software and digital services is moving towards consultative sales; SFDC Ignite, NOW Inspire… TechTorch is the essential tool for this new motion"
Strategy Consulting
Senior Partner
"With TechTorch we reduced our selling cycles and increased win-rates thanks to the customer collaboration and demo creation environment"
Solutions Provider
“I want TechTorch for all of my portfolio companies!”
PE global firm
Managing Partner
"This is the best way to build a quote-to-cash proof of concept I have seen in years"
Software Provider
VP Sales
“I want a one-stop-shop to learn, configure and monitor my Recruiting and Onboarding. TechTorch offers me just that.”
Software Development
“In a matter of weeks, we have defined and shared the Lead-to-Opportunity use case across the whole organization. TechTorch platform is essential to bring teams together”
Transportation Company

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