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Job opportunities at Techtorch

Our people are our single greatest asset!

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Aleix Baena

Automation & AI Product
Ubication IconValencia


Erica Charles

Delivery Manager
Ubication IconNew York


Ángel Moreno

Automation & AI Product
Ubication IconBarcelona


Robert Loster

Delivery Manager
Ubication IconAmsterdam

What our clients say about Techtorch

In all my years of working with different IT services companies, I've never come across a company that is able to speak business, deliver technology, and show me the business outcomes like TechTorch. Techtorch bridges the business-to-technology gap better than anyone else I've worked with.
Major US Private Equity Firm
Operating Partner
What I like about Techtorch is the fact that they deliver operational capabilities based on what works. While they listen to our requirements, they start with pre-built architectures and only add what is essential for us to differentiate. That allows them to deliver fast!
B2B SaaS Private Equity-Backed Company
It's hard to find companies out there that do not try to overcomplicate solutions so they can get paid on time and materials.
TechTorch avoids this nonsense by providing a very clear budget, a set of outcomes, and a way for all of us to save money if we can deliver faster.
Services Company

What we offer for you

We bring our heads and hearts to everything we do.
Together, we shape the future by making dreams come true for our customers and their customers around the world.
People-First Culture

Our People are our greatest asset! Join a community consisting of the top 2% of talent from around the globe!

Collaborative culture of learning

You will never get stale, your voice will be heard, your contributions will be rewarded and you are going to learn tons!

Explode your career through engagement based work

Take your career to a completely different level! The best way to go deeper and wider fast, is through engagement-based work. By participating in a multitude of projects at a variety of top companies – ranging in size and in a variety of industries – you will quickly accelerate your capabilities and know-how.

Meaningful Work

The work that we do is important. Our private equity backed clients face issues that are challenging and meaningful. Our approach to these problems are always state-of-the-art and with our clients best interest at heart.

Personal Growth

Dream big and grow with Techtorch. Options for learning, coaching, and mentoring abound!

Our values guide us daily

Our values are the foundation of everything we do, every action we take, and every achievement we celebrate.


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