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Why do we focus on Private Equity backed companies

Techtorch gets that private equity owned companies face a unique set of challenges not shared by others. Working with a strategic partner that understand these issues is paramount to their success. Techtorch has created offerings around Commercial Excellence (CX), Data, and AI specifically designed for Private Equity backed portfolio companies. Get to value faster by working with Techtorch! 

Navigating Enterprise Technology
Challenges for Private Equity-Owned Companies

At Techtorch, we specialize in guiding Private Equity owned companies through their Enterprise Technology challenges.

What sets these projects apart? Here are some key thoughts:

Business First

Every move must align with a 5-year blueprint. No room for fancy projects; it’s about purposeful progress.

Time is Paramount

In this arena, time isn’t just money—it’s the most precious resource. Efficiency is not an option; it’s a mandate.


Every investment must demonstrate its impact on the business. It’s not just about spending; it’s about strategic returns.

Leveraging Pre-built Architectures

Customization takes a backseat. It’s all about leveraging proven structures to fast-track success.

Avoiding Time
and Expense Drain

Time and Expense Drain: Fixed prices within budgets are the name of the game. No surprises, no excess.

Automation and AI

These technologies aren’t just buzzwords; they’re tools to achieve efficiency, optimize resources, and drive results.

What our clients say about Techtorch

In all my years of working with different IT services companies, I've never come across a company that is able to speak business, deliver technology, and show me the business outcomes like Techtorch. Techtorch bridges the business-to-technology gap better than anyone else I've worked with.
Major US Private Equity Firm
Operating Partner
What I like about Techtorch is the fact that they deliver operational capabilities based on what works. While they listen to our requirements, they start with pre-built architectures and only add what is essential for us to differentiate. That allows them to deliver fast!
B2B SaaS Private Equity-Backed Company
It's hard to find companies out there that do not try to overcomplicate solutions so they can get paid on time and materials.
Techtorch avoids this nonsense by providing a very clear budget, a set of outcomes, and a way for all of us to save money if we can deliver faster.
Services Company

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