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Learning & Development: The Cornerstone of a Best-in-Class Company Culture

Growth should be a priority for both the Business and its people.  Leaders must understand the “S curve of Learning”. The S curve answers: Why is it hard to start something new? Why does it feel easier after starting? Why do we outgrow things easily?

Understanding the answers to these questions allows leaders to provide the right support and set optimal learning objectives for positive economics.

Let’s dive into each phase

The Launch Point

The human brain is not a fan of uncertainty, so whenever we start something new the brain fills uncertainty with predictions and assumptions. Unfortunately for us humans, these assumptions and predictions are more often inaccurate than accurate. When a prediction or assumption is inaccurate, dopamine levels decrease, and we feel nervous. Remember that feeling of starting a new role or beginning a different project (the anxiety…)?

The Sweet Spot

Yes, our brain continues assuming and predicting; however, combined with learnings, they become increasingly accurate. Realizing the accuracy, dopamine rises and we feel motivated, and learning becomes easier yet still challenging enough to prevent us from losing interest. We feel confident in our work, and the growth accelerates!


And finally, we feel bored. This is where the everyday tedium begins to set in. The learning decelerates, and our brains are not required to learn as quickly, stagnating our growth. It is tricky because at this point, we feel confident and like we’ve mastered our role, but the problem is that we are not excited about our role in the way we once were during the “launch point” and “sweet spot”.

There really is no pleasing us is there?  

Leaders can help their companies and employees continue to learn and grow by empathetically supporting employees during their “launch point”, thoughtfully coaching and honing employees’ skills during their “sweet spot”, and stretching employees during their “mastery” to pursue the next level or a new interest.  

Emulating a company culture that inspires all employees during all learning points is no walk in the park. Luckily TechTorch is here to help.

Discover how you can transform your organization today on app.techtorch.io. See you there!

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