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AI-Enhanced IT & Technology Consulting.

AI-Enhanced IT & Technology Consulting.

Assessment, design and implementation of most IT challenges and opportunities


Our Services

Driving Technological Transformation

Discover how our tailored solutions empower organizations across diverse domains:

Sales Capabilities Enhancement

Elevate your sales pipeline from lead generation to quoting, optimizing every stage for efficiency and effectiveness.

Integrations and Automations

Streamline operations by automating tasks, processes, and data flows across departments and systems using advanced technology.

Quote-to-Cash Transformation

Seamlessly adapt your transactional models to modern offerings, intricate pricing structures, and omnichannel interactions, ensuring a smoother quote-to-cash journey.

Data and Analytics Expertise

Gain comprehensive insights into your business through robust data collection, transformation, visualization, and intelligent analysis, enabling informed decision-making.

Gen AI

Harness the transformative power of AI, utilizing its capabilities for both simple and complex use cases while adhering to safety and compliance standards.

I’ve never seen IT consulting done this way. The speed and transparency of the process and the TechTorch platform allowed us to tackle all IT issues in less than 6 months. And now we have playbooks accessible to all other PortCos.

– Operating Partner Major US PE firm –

Capabilities Expertise

Front-end and Back-end Capabilities covered


Decide / Transact

Renew / Expand



Decide / Transact

Renew / Expand

Customer Lifecycle Management

Front-End Services
Customer Lifecycle Management ensures a seamless customer experience from start to finish, leading to long-term satisfaction, loyalty, and growth.

Customer Lifecycle Management

Front-End Services
Customer Lifecycle Management spans the entire customer journey, from product development to post-purchase support. It covers marketing, opportunity tracking, pricing, orders, invoicing, and more. With a focus on seamless onboarding and support, it ensures long-term satisfaction, loyalty, and business growth.
Product Development

Delivering innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

Marketing Management

Strategically promoting your offerings for optimal visibility.

Opportunity Management

Tracking and capitalizing on growth opportunities.

Configure, Price, and Quote

Streamlining seamless configuration and pricing.

Order and Contract Mgmt.

Efficiently managing orders and contracts.

Invoicing and Payment

Ensuring accurate and convenient billing practices.

Onboarding and Services

Providing smooth onboarding and ongoing support.

Customer Success

Fostering long-term satisfaction and loyalty.

Renewals and Support

Proactively managing renewals and prompt support.

Support Capabilities

Back-End Services
Services needed to support customer lifecycle, including Analytics, Financials, Procurement, Expense Management, Payroll, HR, and Security.

Support Capabilities

Back-End Services
Support services required to support the right customer lifecycle. It includes vital functions such as Analytics, Financials, Procurement & Expense Management, Payroll, Human Resources, and Security & Compliance
Analytics and Intelligence

Leveraging data-driven insights for informed decision-making.


Efficiently managing financial processes and resources.

Procurement & Expense Mgmt.

Streamlining procurement and expense tracking.


Ensuring accurate and timely payroll management.

Human Resources

Optimize HR operations for enhanced employee management.

Security and Compliance

Safeguarding data and meeting compliance standards.

Integration Facilities

Data Management
Integrating through APIs and data management enables scalable architectures for complex environments without point-to-point configurations.

Integration facilitates

Integration facilitates the orchestration of all different capabilities via API and data management. It avoids point-to-point configurations creating scalable architectures for the most complex environments.
Architecture, configuration and implementation for most common tools

Centralized Engagement Mgmt.

Streamlined Communications and Collaboration

Centralized IT Services Access

Access all your IT Services and Deliverables in one place.

Seamless Customer Interaction

TechTorch simplifies communication and collaboration with IT Services customers.

Simplify your daily processes