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Generate client ready content faster with TechTorch AI

Intelligent and automated sales and delivery cycles powered by TechTorch AI.

TechTorch AI
AI-driven content creation
TechTorch AI
TechTorch AI

AI Copilot

Leverage our ready to go AI actions to summarize content your offerings, change the tone, translate a technical brief, and more.

Let TechTorch AI kickstart your content

Ask AI open-ended questions and receive high-quality responses grounded in your account’s knowledge base.

AI - Enhanced account

TechTorch AI

Domain knowledge AI

Our AI Co-pilot adapts its answers to be more accurate and relevant to the specific Client and Project by learning from your experience and previous projects.

TechTorch AI

Disable at any time

You can choose to individually enable or disable AI Enhancement for each Account.

Secure Data Protection

Your data exclusively powers AI features and will not be used to train any underlying models

Confidentially-enabled AI

Your data exclusively powers AI features within your account and is not used for model training or shared with other parties.

Full admin control

Administrators possess complete oversight and control over AI features, effectively preventing any potential misuse.

TechTorch AI

Transparent Policies

We are open and communicative on which measures we use to ensure a strong ongoing data protection.

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