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Transforming Data Management

TechTorch Builds a Cutting-Edge Enterprise Data Warehouse for a Large B2B Services Company


A large B2B services company in the USA was struggling with data tracking for management reports, operational tracking, and other business intelligence tasks. The existing system relied on multiple SQL databases, manual Excel spreadsheets, and numerous manual data transfers. This approach led to frequent errors, imprecise metric tracking, and significant time and money spent on manual tasks. The company’s private equity owner requested weekly sales reports and monthly reports for finance, HR, and other functions.


The primary challenges included:

  • Data Fragmentation: Multiple data sources with inconsistent formats and quality.

  • Manual Processes: Heavy reliance on manual data entry and transfers.

  • Inaccurate Reporting: Frequent errors and lack of precision in tracking key metrics.

  • Resource Intensive: Significant time and money spent on maintaining and updating reports.


TechTorch conducted a rapid data infrastructure assessment and identified the need for a comprehensive overhaul. The solution was to build a new Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) with associated capabilities.


The new capabilities included the following components:

  1. Data Source Improvement:
  • Addressed data digitization, cleaning, and availability issues.
  • Employed AI and other methods to ensure source data was ready for ingestion.

  1. Ingestion Layer:
  • Implemented a new Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) layer.
  • Automatically extracted data from source systems.
  • Performed quality checks and necessary transformations for metric calculations.

  1. Storage Layer:
  • Created a new cloud-based data layer for storing all data, including historical records.
  • The cloud-based nature of the database allowed for easy access and data consumption.

  1. Business Intelligence Tools:
  • Deployed multiple business intelligence tools for various reporting needs.
  • Utilized user-friendly software for general reporting.
  • Implemented advanced software for financial planning.
  • Integrated an AI vector database to apply Large Language Models (LLMs) to accurate data.


TechTorch successfully implemented the new Enterprise Data Warehouse and associated capabilities. The implementation process included:

  1. Data Source Digitization and Cleaning:
  • Ensured all data sources were properly digitized and cleaned.
  • Applied AI techniques to standardize and prepare data for ingestion.

  1. Ingestion Layer Setup:
  • Established automated data extraction processes.
  • Integrated quality checks and transformation routines.

  1. Cloud Storage Integration:
  • Migrated data to a secure, scalable cloud-based storage solution.
  • Ensured easy access and retrieval of historical and current data.

  1. Business Intelligence Deployment:
  • Introduced user-friendly BI tools for regular reporting.
  • Integrated advanced planning tools for financial analysis.
  • Leveraged AI capabilities for enhanced data insights.


Today, the company operates with a full data stack, allowing them to focus on running a great business rather than spending time on manual report generation. The benefits include:

  • Increased Accuracy: Enhanced precision in tracking key metrics and generating reports.
  • Efficiency Gains: Significant reduction in time and resources spent on manual data processes.
  • Better Insights: Improved data-driven decision-making capabilities with advanced BI tools.
  • Scalability: A scalable data infrastructure that supports future growth and reporting needs.


TechTorch’s implementation of a new Enterprise Data Warehouse has transformed the company’s data management capabilities. By automating data processes and integrating advanced business intelligence tools, the company can now focus on strategic growth and operational excellence.

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