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Revamping Operational Efficiency

TechTorch Transforms a European B2B SaaS Company for Aggressive Growth


A European B2B SaaS company, backed by one of the world’s largest private equity firms, set aggressive growth targets. These goals included acquiring new logos, expanding Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) through cross-sell and up-sell, and significantly reducing churn rates.


Despite its growth potential, the company’s operational capabilities were antiquated, highly manual, and duplicated across multiple entities due to previous acquisitions that had not been fully integrated.


TechTorch was engaged to perform a rapid assessment of the company’s situation. Within two months, we identified approximately 75 gaps and pain points that hindered the company’s five-year business blueprint. These gaps were grouped into five key initiatives:

  1. Sales and Marketing Technology Replacement (CRM):
  • Improved tracking of leads and opportunities.

  1. New Quote-to-Cash Capabilities:
  • Digitized offering and pricing catalog.
  • Tracked all orders and tagged appropriate order line attributes for future ARR calculations.
  • Automatically integrated orders from CRM to ERP.
  • Handled subscription billing, automatic revenue recognition, and simple collections and dunning tracking.

  1. Enhanced Customer Success Capabilities:
  • Enabled digital communication with customers.
  • Tracked all actions from the newly formed customer success management organization.

  1. Enterprise Data Warehouse Implementation:
  • Automated tracking of all metrics.


TechTorch implemented all these initiatives in approximately five months, achieving a 70% time reduction compared to traditional service providers.


The results speak for themselves. The company now operates with the new capability stack, allowing it to focus on growth rather than manual operations. The streamlined processes and integrated systems have led to improved efficiency, better tracking, and enhanced customer engagement.


Through TechTorch’s swift and efficient implementation, the European B2B SaaS company has modernized its operations and is well-positioned to meet its aggressive growth targets.

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