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Digital Change

The New Agile Delivery Platform

Digital change is not easy. A lot has been written about the reasons why 80%+ of digital projects are not achieving the expected results. Here are a few all too common “nots”:

  • Not modular – Change is top-down following rigid architectures
  • Not customer-centric – Technology “wags” the business
  • Not agile – Sequential, manual, and rigid processes (think CYA…)
  • Not orchestrated – Fragmentation of ownership and accountability
  • Not resourceful – Reinventing the wheel no matter what others have successfully done
  • Not digital – Manual, fragmented processes with people bottlenecks

At TechTorch, we sat down to fix all the “nots” and define a new way for digital change. TechTorch design principle were built on these promises:

  • Flexible & modular architectures – One realistic use-case at the time
  • Customer-centric – Anchor everything on the user(s) journey
  • Outcome driven – Your Business defines what success looks like
  • Agile – Design, prototype, iterate in weeks, not months (or years!)
  • Collaborative – Break silos. We consider cross-functional impacts constantly

  • Learn from best-in-class – Provide insights into how the best organizations do it
  • Automated (for real!) – We want to eliminate pretty much all manual work

The result: app.techtorch.io, a revolutionary Agile Digital Platform (ADP) for businesses to successfully and quickly define, test, iterate and achieve digital change.

We already have happy customers talking about how app.techtorch.io has completely reduced the speed (from years to weeks), reduced costs (10x+), and bolstered their success rate.

Want to join them?

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